Hot Cocoa

Cocoa_1[1] Serving : 1


3 heaps of Teaspoon of Pure Cocoa Power – use a good quality one

1 heap of Teaspoon of Sugar, or adjust to your liking

200cc Milk

2 Tablespoon of Water


1. In a small pot, place Cocoa Power, Sugar and water. Heat it over moderate heat.

2. While heating it, mix it all the time rapidly with a wooden spoon. Mix it until the Cocoa mixture becomes smooth and silky. Be careful not to burn it.

3. Once the Cocoa mixture becomes smooth and silky, add Milk. Continue mixing it softly and slowly.

4. Heat the Hot Cocoa just before boiling. Do not make it boil as the flavor of Cocoa will be gone. Serve it while it is hot.


Method 2 is the most important to make the Hot Cocoa smooth. Just keep mixing until Cocoa mixture becomes shiny and silky.



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