Nikujaga and Blog’s Name

My husband and I met in Kamata in 2004. If you know Tokyo, you might think that it is too “Shibui” for young people, especially for “Foreigners”. There was a pub called “Beer Factory” under Kamata station where one of our common friends held his birthday party. The greatest thing was the pub had “All you can drink “system. Yeah, you can imagine how we lived the place, hey.

We started dating mad one day I was visiting his apartment. I cannot recall why I did so, but, I decided to bring Lunch (or Dinner?) for him. I guess I liked him so I wanted to impress him. I thought that something Japanese would be good as we were in Japan, so I made a traditional Japanese dish Nikujaga (Japanese Beef and Potato Stew). And the result was…

Tah-dah” YEY! Yes he LOVED Nikujaga! YES he was IMPRESSED.

He asked me what was in it. I answered him “Sugar, Mirin and a little bit of Soy Sauce”. Again he was impressed that only 3 ingredients could bring this flavour. Maybe he might have just been impressed by the fact that I could actually cook, but this was how my husband met my food.

Time passed to Brisbane. WE started living together there. As I do not mid cooking at all, it was me who mostly cooked dinner. I loved (still love) cooking for him since he tried everything without hesitation. I mainly cooked Japanese dished during the first year. I guess I would just like to introduce where I was from. He loved my Japanese dished and occasionally asked me what the ingredients were. I answered him with what was into.

Time went by. Maybe it took only 3-4 months for him to realise my secret…. One day, as he normally did, he asked me the same question and I answered him. And he said,

Him: So everything has a little bit of Soy….

Me: …. So-yade… (That’s true in Osaka Accent).

Since then he has stopped being impressed with my food…. I guess that you show less interest in some something once you know its secret. It must be a natural human behaviour that I cannot complain about?

Anyway, this is where my blog name is from, and this is my Nikujaga Recipe. It is delicious. There are not any complicated secrets to cook delicious Japanese dishes.


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