Japanese Grilled Eggplant – Yaki Nasu


Serving: 2


½ Eggplant – halved lengthwise (or 2 if you use Lebanese/Japanese Eggplant), remove the hull

A small amount of Bonito Flake for topping

A little bit of Soy Sauce


  1. Prepare a piece of alfoil. Place the Eggplant on the foil with the white part (non-skin side) down.
  1. Place the Eggplant in grill. Grill the Eggplant on high heat. Grill until the skin gets burnt completely.
  1. Remove the eggplant from the frill. While the Eggplant is still hot, peel the skin off. The skin should come off very easily, like when you peel banana. You will need to remove all skins quickly while it is hot, otherwise the skill will be difficult to be removed and the purple colour will be transferred to the white part.
  1. Halve the Eggplant lengthwise. Make 2 cut lengthwise in each piece with leaving hull side uncut. This helps to cut Eggplant by chopsticks when you eat.
  1. Place the Eggplant in a fridge. It is best eaten chilled. When you serve, put a small amount of Bonito Flakes and a little bit of Soy Sauce on top.



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