My Japanese Folk Remedies for a Cold – Common ?

I know when it got me. It was when I went to the gym. It was a yoga class with 15 people in a small studio last Tuesday. I could smell of the first sign of a cold at the first downward facing dog pose.

I feel that the cold is sitting in my nose now. I just do not want it to spread to any other parts of my body. I am still fine. This is the time that I have to take care myself and get rid of it quickly before I really get sick. So what should I do?

There are some common folk remedies for a cold taught by my family. What I believe the most is to sleep and sweat. The method is soaking in a bath at night, going straight to a bed, wrapping yourself with a warm blanket and having a deep sleep. OH! Do not forget to put socks on. Perspiration is the key. Make yourself sweat a lot while you are sleeping. Change your clothes frequently when you are sweaty.

Seriously, it really works. Well…, at least for me.This is the remedy from my mum, and my grandma and my great grandma. But, unfortunately, we do not a bath in our apartment so I cannot do this. I have to think of something else.

Eating something easy to digest is another one, so your body does not need to use unnecessary energy. A bowl of Udon Soup was the dish that my mum cooked for her sick children. I am never tired of Udon, especially the broth! Yummmm…. But my husband might (or already has), so I cannot cook Udon every day until I recover for dinner.

Gargling with green tea is a good one too. Apparently, the catechin in green tea protects your throat from dryness. But, green tea here is not cheap. I would rather drink it than gargling with it…. Is it still effective?

How about spring onions? It is said that they are good for a sore throat. Once I actually wrapped spring onions around my neck while I was sleeping. I was in a choir at the time and I guess I was desperate to get my sore throat better. I cannot remember whether it worked or not though….

How about eating ginger, garlic, hot cocoa and Vitamin C? My mum always made a cup of Honey Lemon Ginger Tea. And of course Hot Cocoa! I was told that ginger, garlic and cocoa are effective to keep a body warm. That’s something I can do in Australia too!

So this is my home-made Honey Lemon Ginger. – Place all slices of lemon (2 lemons) and ginger ( a big chunk!) in a jar. Pour honey over it. Marinade and store it in a fridge.


I asked my husband if there are any Aussie remedies like my Japanese ones. He asked me back – “Do you mean, common ones or just funny ones?”… See how my cold goes hey!




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