Happy New Year 2020

Osechi 2020 by a little bit of soy

Portugal – that was where we spent last New Year. We stayed at a B&B in Lamego in the Douro Valley. The place used to be a servants’ quarter and had a big open fire pit. We were watching the fire while drinking beautiful homemade (real) port. That was our beginning of 2019.

Perth – this is where we are spending our New Year. We are just doing our tradition – going to the beach, eating Osechi (a Japanese New Year’s food, which is a set of several dished prepared for New Year’s celebration – please read here fore more info) and drinking bubbles. It might not sound as exotic as Portugal, but we are having a peaceful time.

I have been thinking what I want to do in 2020… I certainly want to travel more this year as we did not do much last year. I want to do more Flamenco – there is no such thing as “too much Flamenco” anyway. Hopefully there is a bit of a good change on work. I would also like more people to cook my recipes, which I truly believe are easy and delicious. A few ideas…, see if I can beat my laziness…

Osechi 2020 by a little bit of soy

This is our Osechi Menu:

  • Nishime (simmered vegetables with Daikon Radish, Carrot, Okra, Konjac and Shiiake Mushroom)
  • Koya Tofu (simmered Japanese dried tofu)
  • Kombu Maki (simmered rolled kelp)
  • Ebi no Umani (prawns cooked in soy sauce, sake and mirin)
  • Kuromame (simmered black beans)
  • Kurikinton (chestnut and sweet potato paste)
  • Gomame (dried anchovies caramelised with sugar, mirin and soy sauce)
  • Kohaku Namasu (pickled daikon and carrot)
  • Chicken Chashu
  • Hokkaido Scallop Sashimi
  • Ozoni (clear soup with mochi/rice cake)

I wish you a year filled with peace, good health and happiness with a lot of delicious food 🙂


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