My Hot Cocoa Fate

Hot Cocoa is definitely my winter drink. I am not talking about Hot Chocolate, which contains shaved chocolate. What I am talking about is a drink made from only Pure Cocoa, Milk and Sugar.

When I was a kid, I always studies at night. The reason was because, apart from I was a night person, I was enjoying a lot of secret thinks happening at night, such as my favorite musicians on radio, pocket bell messages from friends and secret phone conversation between my sister and her boyfriend (!!). One thing, however, that I lived the most was my mother’s treats, which she brought to cheer me up (for study, of course…).  It was different every night. It was sometimes seasonal fruits, sometimes sweet biscuits, sometimes a cup of corn soap, and sometimes a cup of Hot Cocoa. Hot Cocoa was the best especially in winter. This dark, rich and smooth drink made me so warm and so happy.

I remember one day when she made a cup of Hot Cocoa for me and my sister for afternoon tea. We were so ready to feel its indulgence, as usual. When we smelled it and sipped it, we both went “???”. We both tasted something very different. To be honest, it was completely wrong. That Hot Cocoa tasted nothing like the Hot Cocoa that we knew. It tasted of nothing.

Yes, my mother apparently used Cocoa Power from some other brand because it was on sale. Maybe she wanted to test us to see if we could taste the difference. Maybe she thought it would be lucky if we did not realise it because that one was cheaper. Sorry mum! You trained us, it is your fault!

This is the brand that we always had at home. This can be purchased at any supermarket in Japan. It is not a special or gourmet brand, just a normal confectionery company with more than 100 years history who supplies the decent things. And… do you think that it would not be just a coincidence that my graduate job was with this company? I actually think that it was fate.


Unfortunately I have not found this Cocoa Powder in Australia yet, so I currently use the 100% Belgium Pure Cocoa Powder which I got from a small gourmet deli called Susan’s Fine Food. This is my Hot Cocoa recipe. It might be less sweet as I like it this way. Please feel free to add more sugar if you prefer it sweeter, but please do not compromise with the quality of Cocoa Powder.


Hot Cocoa

Cocoa_1[1] Serving : 1


3 heaps of Teaspoon of Pure Cocoa Power – use a good quality one

1 heap of Teaspoon of Sugar, or adjust to your liking

200cc Milk

2 Tablespoon of Water


1. In a small pot, place Cocoa Power, Sugar and water. Heat it over moderate heat.

2. While heating it, mix it all the time rapidly with a wooden spoon. Mix it until the Cocoa mixture becomes smooth and silky. Be careful not to burn it.

3. Once the Cocoa mixture becomes smooth and silky, add Milk. Continue mixing it softly and slowly.

4. Heat the Hot Cocoa just before boiling. Do not make it boil as the flavor of Cocoa will be gone. Serve it while it is hot.


Method 2 is the most important to make the Hot Cocoa smooth. Just keep mixing until Cocoa mixture becomes shiny and silky.