Sweet Potato Tempura; 2 Colors – Nishoku no Satsumaimo no Tempura


Serving: 2-4


Sweet Potato (Purple skin) – cut into 1cm thick, 4 slices

Sweet Potato (Orange skin) – cut into 1cm thick, 4 slices


1. Put Flour, Water and Ice Cubes in a bowl, and mix them roughly. Do not mix it too much as a lot of gluten will come out and the batter will be soft and soggy, rather crispy. A few lumps in the batter are completely fine.

2. Heat the oil to 160-170 degree. To check oil temperature without a thermometer, drop a small amount of batter in the oil and see how the batter comes up to the surface. When the batter goes down, reaches the bottom and quickly comes up, it is ready.

3. Coat Sweet Potatoes with the batter evenly and shallow fry them. Turn Sweet Potatoes only once or twice to keep the shape.

4. Once the Sweet Potatoes are cooked, transfer them onto a wire rack or kitchen paper towel to drain oil.

5. Sprinkle Salt on top of the Sweet Potatoes. Serve them as hot.