EoY 2015

I have to write this down. It might sound like that I am showing off, but I have to. This is about my husband.

He won the Employee of the Year 2015!!!

This award is from the company where he has been working for 2 years. He was very lucky to get into this company – a good WA company expanding their business all over Australia. He is also very lucky that he has a good and agreeable manager. But, you know, luck always comes and goes to everyone. It is totally up to you to grab it, put it in your pocket and grow it bigger. I am so proud of him that he has done it.

Anyway after the Celebration Ball, I asked him what he would like me to cook for dinner next day. He said seafood. I really wanted to get fresh seafood for him, but we have a supplier issue since we lost the one who we had been buying fresh seafood from. We just cannot find any trustworthy seafood supple since then (at a decent price, not like $50 per kilo for salmon or $80 per kilo for non-fat red part of tunaL.).

So this is the dinner table for that night.


No alcohol since we had enough at the ball the day before. Although it looks nothing different from the normal weekend dinner table, I certainly made effort, especially considering I was hungover. I started cooking the side dish – Oden from the morning so that the flavour will be absorbed to vegetables by dinner time. The Ode soup was made from Dashi (Stock) of Dried Kelp and Bonito Flakes, while I normally use Dashi Powder. It is not really common to drink Oden’s soup, but you can do it with this one since I made it very light.

During the dinner, he made his usual comment “good”. After the dinner –before bed time, he said “ I thought you would cook seafood tonight LL”. All I can say was “Sorry….”. We will get seafood next weekend definitely.


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