Snow Soup (Mizore Jiru) – dedicated to John

Winter is coming….

What would you like to eat on a freezing cold night after coming home from work? For me, it is Daikon (Chinese radish). It might not be a commonly used vegetable here in Australia, considering that I am still facing the question of its name at the cashier in the supermarket. It is versatile as it can be eaten raw, cooked or pickled. The great news for me is that I found it much cheaper in Perth than in Brisbane. Sorry Brisbane people!

Daikon gets sweeter and juicer in winter, while in summer, Daikon contains more sharpness and spiciness. Although I like Daikon in summer as well, I just love the sweet and juicy version. I hope I can introduce as many Daikon Recipes as I can during the winter.

My first Daikon dish in the blog is Mizore Jiru (Snow Soup). Mizore is meteorological phenomenon of mixture of snow and rain in Japanese. We think that grated Daikon on/in hot ingredients looks like Mizore so we name dishes from that. It is so appropriate in winter! I call it snow in English just for convenience. I also thought that “Snow” sounds more dramatic than “meteorological phenomenon of mixture of snow and rain”….

What would you think of from “snow”? For me, especially recently, it is John (Hope a few ladies agree with me!). AS the world seems to be, my husband and I are also into GoT. The show is really addictive and we cannot stop looking forward to it. Although there are so many attractive characters, John Snow has been in charge of my visual department. It has been awhile since Season 5 finished, but I still cannot accept the fact that he is dead. All we talk about GoT is, “Do you think that he’s really gone for good?”.

So here are our speculations based on my hope.

  1. He is dead and all gone. Mo more John Show.
  2. The Red Woman will revive him.
  3. He will be back as a white walker and become leader of the while walkers.

What do you think? Or what would you like to think? I guess we have to wait for a while to find out. Until then, let’s enjoy the soup and think about him.


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