Karaage Chicken Schnitzel (for my Aussie sister)

Today’s recipe is dedicated to my Aussie sister, who is beautiful, genuine, kind and loves Chicken Schnitzel.

Karaage Chicken Schnitzel with salad
Karaage Chicken Schnitzel by a little bit of soy

Last time when me and my husband were hosting our family lunch, we were tossing up our menu idea. It is not quite straightforward to cook for the family. Some are pescatarian, some are conservative and some are foodies. We decided Bouillabaisse for main, but I also cooked Karaage Chicken (Japanese Fried Chicken) for the insurance especially for the kids (or young adults). We thought, “who does not like fried chicken?”.


Everyone loved it. I mean “everyone” – not only kids. I was asked for the recipe, so I shared it with them (here and there on my blog).

Later when my husband went to a pub with his brother and his wife (my Aussie sister), she was telling them how delicious the Karaage was (how nice she is…) while ordering her favourite Chicken Schnitzel, as usual. As the conversation developed, they found out that she enjoyed the flavour of Karaage and the reason why she likes Schnitzel was the crispiness. They concluded that both should be combined.

When my husband told me the idea, I found it very interesting – very interesting why we have never thought about it?! Karaage and Chicken Katsu (Japanese Chicken Schnitzel) are very popular dishes. Why not?!

So, here it is!

I marinate butterflied chicken with my Karaage seasoning, and then crumb with Panko and deep-fry/shallow-fry, like Japanese Schnitzel (Katsu). Technically, the first half of the method is Karaage and the second half is Chicken Schnitzel. You can enjoy the Karaage flavour in the crispy Panko crumbs

In this recipe, I use the original Karaage seasoning which my Aussie sis liked, however, you can change the flavour to this version or this version.

No technique required for this recipe. Just follow the steps below, and the chicken will be succulent.

Hope you enjoy the new style of Japanese Chicken Schnitzel 🙂

Crispy and Succulent Japanese Chicken Schnitzel
Crispy and Succulent Japanese Chicken Schnitzel by a little bit of soy

Ingredients for 2

1 Chicken Breast

For Brine

  • 100 ml Water
  • 1 Teaspoon of Salt
  • 1 Teaspoon of Sugar

For Karaage Seasoning

  • 1 Teaspoon of Soy Sauce
  • 1 Teaspoon of Oyster Sauce
  • 1 clove of Garlic – minced

For Panko Coating

  • 2 Teaspoons of Plain Flour
  • 1 Egg – beaten
  • 140ml of Panko crumbs

For Others

  • Oil for Deep/Shallow-fry (I use sunflower oil)
  • Salad leave to serve with (optional)


For Chicken – Butterfly and Brine

  • Firstly, we butterfly the chicken breast. Lay the chicken on the cutting board with the rough side up. Slice lengthways down the middle to halfway through. From he bottom of the cut, slice out towards the side and foldout the flaps you have created like a book (or butterfly). Cut into half lengthways to make two even pieces. See “how to” from here.
  • Mix all of the brine ingredients in a large bowl. Place the butterflied chicken beast into the brine. Mix an massage them gently in the bowl. Marinate them for 15 minutes.

Marinate Chicken in Seasoning

  • Remove the butterflied chicken breast from the brine. Pat-dry them with paper towels.
  • In a large bowl, place the chicken, soy sauce, oyster sauce and minced garlic. Mix them gently. Marinate the chicken for 15 minutes.


  • Beat egg in a deep plate. Place panko in another deep plate.
  • Remove the chicken breasts from the marinade and pat-dry them. Lay them on a plate or tray. Using a flour sifter, coating the chicken with flour evenly.
  • One by one, dip it into the egg and then transfer it to the panko plate. Coat it with the panko crumbs evenly.

Shallow-frying or Deep-frying

  • Heat oil to 170°C in a frying pan. To check the temperature, put a piece of panko into the oil. If it sinks to the bottom of oil and comes back up quickly, it is about 170°C.
  • Place the panko-crumbed chicken into the oil. If shallow-frying, cook both sides for 2-3 minutes each or until they get a nice brown colour (please flip only once in order to prevent the coating from coming off). If deep-frying, cook them for about 3 minutes or until the chicken gets nicely browned.
  • Transfer the chicken to a wire rack to remove the excess oil.
  • Serve while hot with your salad

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